Brain In Play’s Brain Enhancement Therapy Program at Living Well Day Care



Welcome to Brain In Play’s BIGGER & BETTER BRAIN WELLNESS PROGRAM at Living Well Day Care that helps to make brains as high performing as possible. The program combines several brain wellness best practices that improve the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells with a leading edge Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that uniquely activates and sustains lifestyle behavior change. The program features the best of the best scientific brain wellness routines, and both 1:1 CBT and group therapies - to develop bigger, better brains as quickly as possible. Best practices involve exercise, nutrition, relaxation techniques, sleep-improvement routines and social activities (to name a few), prescribed a certain number of times per week for specific amounts of time. At Living Well the program will emphasize having fun, learning from each other, and building healthy personal relationships.

The goal of the program is to consistently improve how participants feel, to enhance brain functioning, and to optimize the quality of clients’ lives. We are excited that this ground-breaking system also helps to keep the rest of one’s body healthy - helping to prevent or better manage medical illnesses. The program is supervised by advanced practice nurses board certified in brain/behavioral health who provide weekly 1:1 CBT to ensure the program works well overall and that care is individualized.

In addition to sharper brains...improved mood stabilization, critical thinking and self-confidence may also result from programs like this, which scientists have recently shown can increase the size and functioning of the brain’s learning and memory center - as well as enhance how the brain manages intense emotions, short and long-term memory and decision-making.

As part of our voluntary program we will perform basic clinical and cognitive assessments to monitor participant progress, and to teach nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers about how improved brain functioning positively impacts quality of life, and advances symptom control and life purpose for those challenged by chronic psychiatric conditions. All aspects of the program are totally confidential. BIP-International will also provide participants (and their families/key care providers) with access to our new App which facilitates adherence to our brain-saving lifestyle behavior routines on a 24/7 basis.

Brain In Play International is pleased to recognize, and to be collaborating with Living Well Day Care’s visionary leadership - to help save the brains and improve the lives of those we are privileged to serve.