Celebrating 5 years!   

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Living Well has partnered with Brain In Play International to deliver to our participants an innovative brain wellness program based on the latest neuroscience. The program combines several brain wellness best practices that improve the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells with a leading edge Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that uniquely activates and sustains lifestyle behavior change. The program features the best of the best scientific brain wellness routines, and both 1:1 CBT and group therapies - to develop bigger, better brains as quickly as possible. Best practices involve exercise, nutrition, relaxation techniques, sleep-improvement routines and social activities (to name a few), prescribed a certain number of times per week for specific amounts of time. Brain in Play's program has been specifically tailored to best serve the Living Well population, with an emphasis on  having fun, learning from each other, and building healthy personal relationships.

Living Well Participants Leslie and Ed take part in the endurance exercise portion of Brain In Play's exercise therapy.

Brain In Play International