Q:Do participants have a choice of what activities to participate in?

                     A:Participants may engage in any or all of our programs and activities at their own schedule.

on our website. We are more than happy to offer same-day tours, with walk-ins welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What insurances does Living Well accept?

                     A:Living Well accepts Medicaid, Neighborhood, and United Healthcare.

prepared in careful consideration of those participants with heart disease, diabetes, and food allergies. For participants who would simply like another option, our cook is happy to offer a daily alternative.

Q:What if I have specific dietary restrictions?

                    A:Our participants are served healthy meals for breakfast and lunch each day. The menu is 

Q:What is the admission process like?

                    A:Those interested in attending Living Well (or their Case Managers) are welcomed to schedule a tour       

Q:How far will Living Well travel to pick people up?

                     A:Living Well arranges all transportation; and services the entire state of Rhode Island. more

Q:Is Living Well open on holidays?

                     A:Living Well is open 363 days a year, everyday except Christmas and Thanksgiving.