Celebrating 5 years!   

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Helena Marshall,BSW

The Living Well community has worked to foster an atmosphere that is uniquely supportive and encouraging. We are confident that the experiences of our staff, participants, and our auxillary staff-including social workers and brain wellness therapists-are overwhelmingly positive. This page is dedicated to showcasing these positive expericnces.

"As part of my field placement, I spend most of my time working within the Living Well facility. My time at Living Well is spent conducting bi-weekly groups and meeting with individuals 1:1 for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I have worked in the mental health field for 25 years as part of my current position of managing a grouop home which serves individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues. Through my experience with Living Well, I have found it a great referral as a day program for many of my current residents. Living Well has proven to be an integral part in the recovery of many of my residents. Livign Well provides a safe environment where clients feel comfortable, accepted, and supported, with a community that encourages their participants to cultivate their own sense of life purpose. What I personally love about the program is that it both respects and fosters the independence of client's choice--where clients feel free to take part in activities, programs, and groups that they themselves feel would be most beneficial to their recovery"